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Well hello there!

Welcome to my cosy little corner of the Internet! Grab yourself a comfy seat before you begin rummaging through the bookshelves.   

There are a few stories here that may interest you and I’m working to bring you more all the time. So follow me for more tales and adventures. 

If you enjoy the weird and wonderful, the slightly unusual, humorous or disturbing stories that my keyboard conjures, then I hope you’ll become a regular visitor. You’re always welcome to escape at my place!  

Now take your pick… 

Plague of Earworms

“I know you all hate me yeah, but you don’t know the truth.” The kid’s words are slurred and angry. “That song. It’s not really music…”

Brand new and floating away

The shoreline is flooded right up to the cliffs and my new trainers are floating away. They bob and flash in the water like a far off lifeboat. We’re stranded…

Fly Trap- Flash Fiction

After the barricade, we smashed through cutlery drawers, pulled knives from meat joints and slapped rolling pins into our hands. Beating ourselves into bravery…