Like so many others, creative writing has been a lifelong hobby of mine, starting with fantasy fiction writing in my early teens, a bit of poetry and later tales of horror and the bizarre.

In 2017 I completed a BA Hons Open Degree, with First Class Honors, focusing on Spanish, English Language and Creative Writing. In this blog I share some if the pieces that I created for both OU modules A215 and A363.

This formal study of writing gave me a far greater understanding of the craft and I recommend it. However, with the new academically-minded critic looking over my shoulder, I lost that simple intimate enjoyment of just creating stories.

After 8 years of studying and working full time in theatre marketing, I reveled in having my spare time back and started devouring books, making up for lost time. Currently in furlough during the 2020 pandemic, I’m drowning in spare time.

So, with this unique opportunity to devote time to writing, I need to fight those demons of doubt; the over thinker, the perfectionist, the self-critic, the as-you-go editor and the confidence void. I must reignite my creativity, unleash my imagination and smash though the writer’s block.

Join me on this journey and enjoy my creations along the way.

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